Heroes Lunches

by McGruff the Crime Dog, well known for his advice about how to stop crime before it happens. McGruff is associated with the Greenville Police Department and is a supporter of DrugFree Greenville and the Heroes Cards program.

My fellow citizens, if you are on the streets of Greenville at lunchtime on Wednesday or Thursday this week do not be alarmed if you see a line of school busses following police vehicles with sirens blaring. This is not a drill or emergency evacuation. It is just a few of my close personal friends on their way to join me at the Fletcher Warren Civic Center for our “Heroes Lunch.”

School children began collecting Hero Cards from our community’s police, fire, and emergency personnel back in February at our Heroes Night. Students in kindergarten through fifth grade then played a “blackout” bingo game with special Heroes bingo cards. The winning classes who completed the most cards in each grade level at each school will be coming to celebrate with the Heroes and me.

Greenville Independent School District will be helping us out by providing our transportation and their Child Nutrition Service will prepare our delicious lunch. The Greenville Police Department will give the busses an official police escort to the festivities. Our “PALS” (Peer Assistant Leaders) from Greenville High School will be on hand to serve and to celebrate with us. I’m especially thankful to Elaine Hooper and DrugFree Greenville for coordinating our party.

Of course it wouldn’t be a Heroes Party without our heroes from the Greenville Police and Fire Departments and our other first responders including Air Evac Lifeteam and AMR-Hunt County EMS personnel. This event will give over 700 students a chance to meet and have lunch with our real life hometown heroes. After everyone eats and visits we’ll most likely have just enough time for a quick “Chicken Dance” before everyone boards the busses and heads back to school. In order to accommodate all my friends, we’ll have three back-to-back parties on Wednesday (Bowie, Travis and Phoenix) and another three on Thursday (Crockett, Lamar, and Carver). What can I say? I have a LOT of friends!

So when you see the busses running at lunch time this week you’ll know the kids are on their way to see their ol’ buddy McGruff and enjoy lunch with some of our heroes. I know our Heroes Lunch will be a dog-gone great time! My tail is already wagging just thinking about it!


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